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Research Operations and Support

Mission Statement


WSU's Office of Research Operations and Support (OROS) was established in 1972 with the mission of assisting the university's faculty and graduate students in securing extramural support for their scholarly, research, teaching, and community service activities.  OROS promotes and facilitates the procurement of grant and contract funding through these activities:

     Gathers and reviews information on funding programs--private and governmental--that award grants and contracts to support scholarly, instructional, and community service activities; keeps abreast of agency interests and funding patterns.

     Disseminates information on funding programs and sponsors to appropriate university personnel, by means of an email notification system and its newsletter, the Informer OnLine.

     Maintains a database of faculty research and scholarly interests, the Research Interest Profile (RIP).

     Performs database searches for funding opportunities and fellowships on behalf of  faculty, graduate students, and staff.

     Subscribes to web-based services, providing grants databases, grants newsletters, and the Community of Science/Scholars to the university community on the OROS web site.

     Maintains over 3,000 files on sponsors and funding programs (in electronic and paper media) as well as reference books and videotaped presentations -- all available for faculty, student and staff use.

     Supplies application forms, guidelines, grant program announcements, requests for proposals, and program interests to faculty, students and staff.

     Furnishes proposal development services such as workshops on proposal writing and grant administration, meetings with visiting agency personnel, and feedback on proposals.

     Reviews and authorizes proposals for external funding on behalf of the university.

     Approves budgets submitted for external funding; trains and certifies budget personnel in other offices to prepare and approve proposal budgets.

     Signs as authority, on behalf of the University, for accepting all awards, including grants, contracts, and other agreements, and for all campus units.

     Negotiates with sponsors and subcontractors concerning grants, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, material transfers and other agreements related to extramural funding, so that they conform to the policies of the University and the sponsors; performs as liaison between university and sponsor for the life of the project.

     Interprets policies of the University and sponsors regarding sponsored projects.

     Prepares and executes standard agreements, subcontracts, and other agreements related to extramural funding.

     Certifies compliance with University and government regulations concerning protection of human subjects, recombinant DNA, conflict of interest, lobbying, drug free workplace, debt and debarment, and other Federal assurances and certifications.

     Notifies government agencies of investigator compliance with animal care policies.

     Follows up with investigators to ensure that final reports are submitted to project sponsors.

     Provides staff support for the University Research and Arts Committee.

     Monitors sponsored project activity, and maintains databases of proposals and awards; prepares reports as required or requested.

     Advises faculty, staff, and graduate students as to university and agency policies, administration of research agreements, proposal writing, funding programs, government assurances and other matters related to extramural funding.

Office of Research Operations and Support
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